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The San Clemente Garden Club is an active member of many organizations, a few of which are listed below along with articles, local nurseries and other resources you may find useful.

Orange County District of the California Garden Clubs, Inc.

California Garden Clubs, Inc.

Pacific Region Garden Club

National Garden Clubs, Inc. is the largest volunteer organization in the US and the San Clemente Garden Club has been an active member since 1951

NBC News Fieldtrip on Butterfly Trail with local students and San Clemente Garden Club leaders.

City of San Clemente The San Clemente Garden Club and the City of San Clemente have many joint ventures that are planned each year.

The Sun Post Many Club activities are covered by the local news paper The Sun Post and this article is about the 2008 Character Counts Jamboree catch the Garden “clubbers” in the last picture

Dana Point Nursery, Dana Point CA

Bemus Landscape, Inc., San Clemente, CA

Glen's Landscape & Lighting, San Clemente, CA

Green Thumb Nursery, Lake Forest, CA

Plant Depot, San Juan Capistrano, CA

Serrano Creek Soil Amendments, Lake Forest, CA

Laguna Nursery, Laguna Beach, CA

Water-Wise Gardens - Find a California Friendly garden near you. Visit these gardens throughout Southern California for a firsthand look at how beautiful a water-wise landscape can be.

Monarch Butterfly Facts and Information

“Embracing Our Outdoor Rooms”

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